White chocolate

White chocolate is an unusual and relatively young product, beloved sweet tooths around the world.

Before creating in 1930, the delicacy, the bakers had to conduct a series of experiments using numerous ingredients and a play on proportions.

The culmination of several years work was tile most delicious white chocolate, which now can be found in any store.

What made white chocolate?

Many buyers are not even aware that white chocolate is not chocolate in the conventional sense. The thing is, unlike other varieties of chocolate, in white no cocoa powder.

That is why this treat is not a kind of bitterness inherent in dark chocolate, but there is a special sweetness in connection with the addition of cocoa butter, milk, vanilla, sugar and some flavorings.

Before you buy tile white chocolate, should carefully review its composition. Experts say that when the content in the tile of at least 20% cocoa butter, 14% milk powder, 3-4% milk fat and not less than 55% sugar, white chocolate can really be called chocolate in the full sense of the word.

The unpopularity of making “real” white chocolate is the high cost of high-quality cocoa butter and good sugar. In this regard, many manufacturers prefer to use ordinary vegetable oil and cheap sugar.

The benefits and harms of white chocolate.

Due to the complete lack of white chocolate cocoa, you can forget about the beneficial properties inherent in conventional chocolate. But, thanks to this element as cocoa butter, the body gets vitamin E, very rare vitamin K, as well as stearic, linolenic and oleic acid.

This type of chocolate is widely used in various cosmetic procedures, since its constituent substances help to increase skin tone and even contribute to her healing.

So very often patients with dry, damaged skin, stretch marks, acne, and all sorts of acne, small scars, and other similar defects, it is recommended to carry out the procedure with the use of masks and other cosmetic products based on white chocolate.

It is also believed that cosmetics, which consists of white chocolate, can prevent the appearance of premature wrinkles.

Calorie white chocolate.

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