The taste of childhood!

Smoothies… What associations do you have that word? Smoothie (“smoothies”) – a gentle, insinuating. Smiley with a sly smile, ragged note, oiled foam. A funny name. How it sounds in Russian?

Delicious creamy, dish, dessert, cocktail, sherbet. It all depends on what I will put in a vessel for the mixture. To make it, just need a few free minutes, suitable products, working blender and a great desire to create

the next culinary masterpiece.

Life on the run forced to reconsider its attitude to many things. Speeding up the pace, accelerated life, and need food fast. Poured the boiling water, tossed the package, opened the cube and… Dug a spoon your way to the hospital…

Smoothie is prepared quickly, and replaces a whole meal. Whisk the banana with strawberries or cranberries, add milk or yogurt, stir in muesli. A storehouse of nutrients and vitamins.

Apple juice, celery juice, carrot, low-fat yogurt, mango pulp – and is ready smoothies to slim the waist. For heroes I recommend to prepare a protein smoothie – any favorite fruits or vegetables are crushed in a blender, in the end driven two raw eggs from healthy chicken.

Strengthen smoothies vitamins – the blueberry juice, grapefruit, lemon. Viscous base – chopped hazelnut mass, honey, syrup, milk, yoghurt – plus juice plus pulp fruit or vegetables. Flight of fantasy is not limited. Affordable dish for every taste and budget. What is growing in the beds now? What is waiting in the wings in the fridge? In a blender!

Strain-strain and pour into a tall glass, a wine glass, the ice-cream bowls, garnish with berries, a piece of fruit, sprinkle nut, chocolate, coconut –

mmm! Be sure to pull the smoothie through a thick tube, wielding a spoon. Fireworks of flavor!

Changed the team – became a low-calorie dish, but no less useful. Increased calories – full Breakfast for men. How convenient to get the vitamins straight with a spoon from kremenetski! Do not swallow the pharmaceutical tablets and powders, and to enjoy the wisdom of nature itself.

My favorite, simple recipes smoothies

Banana whipped with fresh or thawed strawberries. They will need about five or six. All! Sometimes replace the strawberries cranberries, plus a glass of orange juice.

Put the case, prepare smoothies right now and sing him a funny name: P-M-U-S-And… Music delight! Allow yourself at least occasionally to be a kid, eat healthy dessert.

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