Strawberry ice cream recipe

Treat yourself and your household tasty and delicious homemade strawberry ice cream. This recipe of strawberry ice cream is very cool in the summer heat.

Besides the strawberry ice cream recipe at home and still be useful, since we use only natural products. If you need more servings, respectively, increase the amount of ingredients.

In addition to our own recipe, you can prepare homemade ice cream with different tastes and flavors. For example, ice cream with berries and nitrozyme. Use any berries and fruits instead of strawberries, experiment and have fun. We ensure that this homemade strawberry ice cream will appeal to all!

cream – 100 ml;

strawberry – 200 g;

sugar – 50 g.

Recipe for homemade strawberry ice cream:

Measure the required amount of cream. Strawberry wash. Some sleep the right amount of sugar. Instead, you can use powdered sugar. It should be noted that the amount of sugar to your taste increase or decrease. If you like sweet, then, of course, take more, if not less. Additionally, you can add a bit of vanilla (quite a bit) or vanilla sugar.

Then the strawberries, remove the stalks and put it into the blender. Berries must not be tainted, no dents. Can use both fresh and frozen.

Grind them to mush.

Add the sugar and again mix well. Sugar should be dissolved, otherwise the finished product will crack, you will agree, not very nice. If you decide to add more any products (vanilla, cinnamon, etc.), then pour them together with the sugar.

Then pour the strawberry mixture into another bowl, blender and pour the cream. It is better to borrow directly from the refrigerator that did not have time to heat up. Then they will better be plumped, will become thick and lush. Cream, by the way, you can use any fat content.

Mix well with a blender. The first speed should be minimum, and then gradually add.

When they are ready, we shift to the strawberry mixture.

Mix well so the mass was homogeneous.

Then we shift the future of homemade strawberry ice cream into a container to freeze and put into the freezer. In the process it will be necessary a few times to mix the mixture. Do this two or three times every 30 minutes – hour. After that, leave for 2-3 hours until fully hardened.

Finished homemade strawberry ice cream served to the table, decorate as desired, for example, chocolate chips, cocoa or pour sweet sauce.

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