Nesquik (cocoa) the harm and benefit.

None of the children knows exactly when appeared on the screens cute brown Bunny suddenly fallen in love with the cocoa, but nevertheless the quantity of lovers of this drink has increased dramatically with the advent of funny animal. «Nesquik” – cocoa, because the taste is loved by both children and adults. It is believed that drinking it during the day also useful. What do people meet nowadays products that combine taste and favor? So whether truthful stereotype about the extraordinary nutritional value of cocoa?

Kids love the “Nesquik”

Early in the morning so don’t want to come to school. Much stronger beckons in his arms a warm bed. Moms all over the world fell in love with eared rabbit who entices the kids out of bed and even stimulates to have Breakfast, especially if mom will promise that I will pour another Cup or allowed to eat a few spoonfuls. «Nesquik” is reminiscent of real chocolate, and delicious even if you eat it with a spoon. Sometimes adults forget about their status, sit in front of the jar with a spoon to eat.

A good start to the day

For someone day starts with coffee. Otherwise, they say, impossible to Wake up. What is the answer to the cocoa producers? They remember about the people with heart disease, women and children who are unable to tolerate a daily dose of caffeine. So do I have to Wake up on their own? Not at all, brew yourself a Cup of “Nesquik”. Cocoa with hot milk forces will charge you for the whole day. In addition to its rich flavor, “Nesquik” has a unique complex of vitamins and minerals, supplementing the benefits of milk and provides the body with essential vitamins, macro – and microelements necessary for the growth and formation of bones. And add to that content in the complex of iron, zinc, magnesium and vitamins A, C, D and B1 and the result is that the use of cocoa «Nesquik” priceless.

Where it all went?

Like any major brand, “Nesquik” has its roots. First, the company Nestle started developed dry soluble cocoa, the first batch which came out in 1948. Then the product was called Nestle Quik. Why is it so? The second part of the name in English means the rate and represents the rate of dissolution of the product in hot or cold milk. Two years later, the name became more readable and there was chocolate «Nesquik”. Today the range of products «Nesquik” is very broad. It includes chocolate bars, curved tile, cocoa classic and strawberry.

Mascot – mascot

If you want to win a children’s audience, you play by their rules and leave the entertainment. Even Breakfast can be a fun, if you have Breakfast with your child can be his favorite character, and a Cup of Froot loops will vybivatsya in the process of learning interesting prohodilki. Adult mascot of the brand – rabbit Quicky, which first appeared on the screens of America in 1973. At first it was called the quick Bunny. On the neck of a rabbit hung a medallion with the letter “Q”. The name changed in 1999, together with the letter on the medallion, now there’s the letter “N”. But Quicky has undergone many more changes to come to today’s image. Modern rabbit – humorist and storyteller ’ s dressed as a die-hard skateboarder – in blue pants, a yellow shirt and a baseball cap. It is this character is close to the children, because he loves to play, is not afraid to experiment, you may gather a great company and loves to eat out. In Quicky no negative traits, but it does not create the impression of being overly correct. He might even have to fool around and not against it, but does it effortlessly, without hurting anyone’s feelings. From early childhood, the child is looking for a role model, so why not pick up some of the pros of a rabbit, loving “Nesquik”?

Cocoa in the chocolate bar

The company Nestle, of course, there are antagonists. This is not only an ardent vegans and lovers of snow-white smile, for which cocoa powder is almost disastrous. Enemies “of Froot loops” say it in the cocoa powder almost there, but more than enough vegetable fat, preservatives and chemical additives. Otherwise, why so delicious «Nesquik”? Cocoa, which implies some ingredients, is perceived as a surrogate. But it’s not just cocoa, and instant chocolate drink, every Cup of which contains one third of the daily requirement of calcium. And that in itself contains the famous “Nesquik” (cocoa)? The composition of the drink opens the secret. It has sugar, milk whey powder, nonfat dry milk, salt, calcium, vitamins and flavoring. Well, even nutritionists can criticize only the last ingredient for his artificiality. In the rest of the drink is useful, isn’t it?

«Nesquik” when losing weight

Losing weight girls must sometimes afford little weaknesses, otherwise life will seem dull and boring. If from time to time to allow yourself a serving of chocolate drink, it would not harm my body? Anyway, what the caloric content of cocoa «Nesquik”? Different chlorinator give your answer to this question, but you need to consider the caloric content of each particular beverage, the method of preparation and amount of other ingredients. If you are preparing a drink of water, then one serving will contain about 70 calories. If we add milk, even skim, the caloric content of the beverage will increase by approximately two times. And considering that we mainly purchased average milk fat content (from 2.5 to 3.2%), the portion of the drink can cost up to 146 calories and more. Products «Nesquik” prized for the delicate flavor and a huge number of additions. Want to spend a few delicious days with products «Nesquik” and at the same time to lose weight? Then try the chocolate diet! In the store buy milk chocolate «Nesquik” with a cream toppings, berries and grasses. By the way, bits of berries in the chocolate gives it a pleasant acidity and enhance the sweetness. Not to deviate from the shelves with products «Nesquik”. Cocoa is also useful on this diet. Allow yourself a chocolate bar a day and several cups of tea with skimmed milk. This diet you can stick to a week (maximum), then take the exit on protein products.

The pros and cons

What’s cooking

When the drink is prepared by the mother, it seems that this is the real magic! Why, Mama takes the milk and turns it into chocolate! And children can still play, because Nestle company cares about their leisure time, putting banks inside and outside stickers and games. How to cook cocoa «Nesquik” of your own? Is there a special wisdom? No, you prepare the drink and just nice, because every time you can experiment. Today, pour a few spoonfuls of cocoa hot milk, and tomorrow take a drink of cold milk. Without adding water drink with a smooth taste of milk chocolate will succeed, coupled with a nourishing and light toast will make a good Breakfast as an adult and a child.

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