Mulled wine non-alcoholic recipes for a Hot drink with the aroma of the holiday! Original

Hot drink with the aroma of the holiday! Original non-alcoholic mulled wine created on the basis of grape juice in combination with aromatic spices, lemon and honey. Warming, heady, fragrant, always delicious!

The non-alcoholic mulled wine with cardamom

Cardamom is the main seasoning. Sold rare. But mulled wine is a drink obtained from any set of spices. So if something is not is not a reason to abandon the experiment!

grape juice — 1 liter

acidic juice (plum — best; also possible cranberry, orange, grapefruit) — 200-300 ml

cardamom powder — 1/3 teaspoon

star anise — 2 stars

cloves — 5-6 pods

cinnamon — 1/3 teaspoon

ginger — poltorashka cut into slices, but you can ground

nutmeg — a pinch of (many can’t — will feel the bitterness)

lemon — a few cloves


First mix all seasonings. Put the juice to be warmed on the fire (except aluminum pans). The juice is brought to small bubbles, but in no case do not boil. Throw in there seasoning. Leave for 15 minutes to infuse and to allow the spices to put flavor. Lemon, you can substitute finely chopped apples. It is allowed to add sugar or honey to taste.

Mulled wine non-alcoholic fruit

Slightly changing the ratio of spices and add to drink fruit and citrus zest, you will receive a drink with a completely different taste. Try it, you have to like!

3 tbsp grape or Apple juice

0,5 tbsp. water

half fresh Apple

2 tbsp grated lemon zest

2 tbsp grated orange peel

2 tbsp raisins

1 tsp of cinnamon sticks

0,5 tsp dried cloves

4 peas of fragrant pepper

pinch of ground ginger

a pinch of cardamom

sugar or honey — to taste (you can not add)


To cook the best mulled wine in a glass or enamel pan. Pour water into a saucepan and grape (Apple) juice. Then put it on low heat and add all the ingredients: first zest, then Apple (pre-cut it into small pieces), raisins and spices. Mix all together and wait until our mulled wine was not properly warmed up. But its in no case should not boil! Then turn off the heat and cover the pot. In five minutes you can pour the mulled wine into glasses.

The non-alcoholic mulled wine on tea

As a basis for non-alcoholic mulled wine you can take not only the juice, and black tea, and in it add the juice and spices.

strong black tea — 500 ml

cherry juice — 150 ml

Apple juice — 150 ml

sugar — 50 g

clove (buds) — 2 PCs.

cinnamon (sticks) — 1 PC.


Mix tea, cherry and Apple juice, sugar and spices in a saucepan. Put the saucepan on a slow fire and heat about 10 minutes, in any case not boiling. Ready-made mulled wine then pass through a fine strainer or clean cheesecloth, pour into cups or glasses and serve hot.

The non-alcoholic mulled wine from hibiscus

And, you can make a non-alcoholic mulled wine on the basis of the hibiscus — tea beverage petal “Sudanese rose (hibiscus). This mulled wine will be a pleasant sour taste.

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