Medicinal properties of henna

Today’s article I want to dedicate one unique product that is known to people for a long time. I still remember from my youth, the stories of my grandmother before that to the priests was a good thick beard, they dyed it with henna.

I too in my youth while I dyed my hair with henna, my hair grew fast, were strong and lush. Because henna not only strengthens the hair, she gives them a quick growth and volume. Henna, she is also called Lawson, spread across many countries like Australia, tropical Asia, Africa and the


Grows henna sometimes up to two meters. The same leaves of henna can grow in length up to six inches. In this article I want to share with you the knowledge about henna, which received myself from knowledgeable people. This unique plant is capable of much.

Properties of henna

What are the properties of henna, what does it represent? you ask. Henna has not only leaves, but also flowers. They are on the tops and lateral branches that develop after puberty in metelochki. They start flowering henna in late summer and early fall is August-September. Sometimes it blooms even in October.

Has this plant and fruit in the form of boxes. Formed metelochki turn into boxes which are the seeds. For medications used henna leaves. Because the leaves contain a lot of useful medicinal substances so we need. Use them for treatment, and hair coloring.

In the East, henna and its curative properties have been known for a long time. It is there used not only as a hair dye, and for medicinal purposes. In ancient times it was treated for scrapes and wounds. So henna was used for cosmetic purposes.

Properties of henna so effective that in folk medicine since time immemorial it has always used. Henna is a great healer, as it has antibacterial properties. Many clinics from the infusion made from its leaves to treat burns and wounds.

Folk medicine uses this plant to treat skin diseases. Properties henna is so effective that it can help to eliminate sweating of the feet, to relieve headache. You ask how you can use henna get rid of headaches? The smell of henna will help get rid of headaches. It even increases the potency.

Henna for hair

In the midst of flowering henna is collecting leaves. After collecting them and dried by grinding into a powder. Then make these leaf paint. To paint the hair going lower leaves. Then prepare from them a powder that is Packed in a vacuum tight. This is done to ensure that the paint is not deteriorated.

Vegetable dye is packaged incorrectly, quickly becomes unusable. To the East is a very long history of using henna to strengthen, treat and quick hair growth. Henna is a natural product that does not contain harmful chemicals.

Henna for hair especially in the East is always appreciated, and not only for the hair. In India for example henna as before and now stained the hands of the brides. A very useful and effective remedy for hair henna. It is possible to do a healing mask to the hair. This is a great way to maintain the hair in a healthy condition.

Henna for hair as for medicinal purposes, and for beauty very effective. Because henna you can take nutrition to the hair It perfectly strengthens, adds Shine and stimulates hair growth. If you are interested in the topic of hair loss treatment you can learn a lot by reading this article: “how to treat hair”

Medicinal properties of henna

I want to offer you the recipe of coloring hair with henna, and their treatment. You need to take one pack of henna and fill it with boiling water. So henna is well steamed and became similar to a thick mush. Do not rush to apply it on the hair. First, cover the dishes with cooked gruel on top of the lid, and set about fifteen minutes to twenty steamed.

At the time that the henna will be steamed, and it can cool down. Therefore, before applying henna on hair, you will need to reheat in a water bath, and then apply to hair. First apply on the hair roots, and then on all the hair.

After you apply the dye on your hair, be sure to put on the head rubber cap. Then wrap your head with a towel. Can I get a towel to replace the handkerchief. The hair coloring reaction occurs during the heat. Hair treatment in other ways, read the article “Homemade hair care”

Hair coloring lasts from two to four hours. Your hair is not only painted but also receive treatment. If you want to have your hair got rich, beautiful and fresh look, do this hair coloring once in fourteen days.

Medicinal properties of henna is undeniable and if you add in cooked pulp of sea buckthorn oil, that would be great. Sea buckthorn add this amount to the slurry became thinner. Then close the pulp with a lid and leave it to cool slightly.

So even if you add vitamins A and E, the effect will be extraordinary. Put the prepared weight to clean, dry scalp and hair. Then after you struck to prepare the masses for the hair and scalp, RUB a little and cover with a rubber cap and a top cap with a towel, or a warm scarf. For best effect, do this procedure once a week.


If you don’t want to dye your hair, only to treat them, for this purpose you can use colorless henna. I want to offer you the recipes of treatment, as well as to enhance the growth and strengthen your hair with henna, which can be treated and hair dye and henna, which can only be used for treatment.

If you want to have your hair grow faster, you can prepare this mask, which will improve hair growth. To do this, take colorless henna, cocoa powder, yogurt and olive oil. All these ingredients are two tablespoons. Definitely vitamins A and E solutions (ten ml). Ten sticks of cloves, two egg yolks and one hundred milliliters of water.

Mix all ingredients except vitamins and cloves. When you mix the henna, cocoa, yogurt and olive oil add vitamins and cloves. The mask that you made, try to make it as thick as sour cream. If you think that it is not enough consistency, add a little water.

Once you have prepared therapeutic mask, start to apply it on the hair roots and then in the hair. RUB the mask into the roots of hair and gently massaging. After a short rubbing wear rubber cap. After one hour, gently rinse the mask with hair. This procedure can be done once a week.

If you want to strengthen the hair, you can do this firming mask: take colorless henna two teaspoons of warm kefir a hundred and fifty milliliters, vitamin a solution of five milliliters. Once you have spread the roots and the hair itself this mask, gently massage the roots and the hair, then wear a hat.

Keep this mask you need two hours. Mix and apply on clean dry hair roots and then in the hair. After two hours, gently rinse the mask with hair. The healers recommend this procedure to do three times a week.

If you are often ways to care for your hair, the therapeutic properties of henna will help you and the effect you get will be awesome. I knew it. When I systematically dyed and treated hair with henna, my hair was stronger more magnificent and more beautiful.

There was a moment when I became interested in chemical dyes and of course forgot about henna. The poor result has not kept itself waiting. Carefully looking at your hair I thought about henna, how wonderful properties it possesses. Again decided to start to treat it over his hair.

And not only to tidy up their hair, but I want to share these recipes with you. This gorgeous gift of nature not only paints, but also revitalizes our hair. Perfectly strengthens the roots so the hair itself. Well nourishes, stimulates their growth.

Medicinal properties of henna are priceless. And what a beautiful luster acquire hair after dyeing and treatment. Use this wonderful gift of nature with which your hair will bring you joy, to lift the mood from the appearance of the things you purchase due to the henna.

I’m very glad if I could help you.

Be well.

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