Medicinal properties of Chinese tea

Among the centenarians and elderly people with good health a lot of passionate tea lovers. This group,among other things, characterized by a high proportion of men with low risk cancers. Research lifestyle fifty — sixty people showed that Chinese tea is an effective means of cancer prevention. Studies on this topic are actively conducted in China, Japan, America, England, France, Russia, Canada,Turkey, South Korea.

Recently it was revealed that green, pressed, flower, Oolong and red teas prevent the formation and neutralize the effect of nitroso compounds, which are potent carcinogens. The tea is stored for about a year, this capacity is only reduced by 10%.At room temperature the neutralizing capacity drops

significantly in the first three hours after brewing,and in the next 24 hours is reduced to only 15-34%. Medical studies show that 1 gram of tea, bathed three times with portions of water 150 grams, gives a partial inhibitory effect, and 3-5 grams — completely neutralized with nitroso-compounds. In animal experiments there was a significant slowdown in the growth of tumors in the gastrointestinal tract of rats, especially pronounced for Fujian tea, tea Teguanin, Junsui cha and tea Chozin from Hangzhou.

And yet the leadership in this area, scientists believe that green tea keeps. Since 1986, the Chinese medical Institute of prevention and research Institute of food and hygiene studies of anticancer properties of different varieties of tea. The average coefficient of impeding the formation of nitroso compounds is 65%, but if red tea it is equal to 43%, in green – on average up to 82%, and in some varieties of green tea exceeds 85%. Green tea generally is one of the first places among the foods with anti-cancer properties. A survey by the Chinese medical research Institute of Oncology anticancer properties 108 different foods is green tea showed the most pronounced effect, leaving behind red tea, wood mushrooms Sango, HOWTO and Lingzhi, beans.

Most experts indicate high,reaching 20%, the content of tea phenol, the main components of which are different teeny. Teeny slow down the oxidation process and consequently prevent the formation of carcinogens in the body to kill cancer cells and suppress their growth.In addition to the tea phenol in tea vitamins C and E, lipid sugars, it also has a small amount of zinc and selenium. Apparently, the anti-cancer properties of tea generated by the combination of all these substances with a tea phenol. In a recent survey, the best results are green tea, especially high-end varieties.Recommended 3 grams two to fill in 150 grams of water, after eating. This amount of tea contains an optimal daily dose of tea phenol – 500 milligrams. According to Chinese historical accounts, in the reign of Da-Jung «Great; median» the Tang dynasty (VII-IX centuries ad) of the Eastern capital, Luoyang, arrived 130-year-old monk. Emperor Xuan-Zong, seeing the vigor and strength of a monk, said, “What a miracle efficient remedy allows you so long to enjoy life?” The monk laughed and answered, “I am from a poor family, and he has never drank medicines. I just really love tea”. Xuan-Zong then awarded him the Buddhist name of Cha-Chi-Jin “50 Jingyi tea” and settled in the Monastery of Longevity. The old revolutionary generation Zhu De, tasting in the mountains of Lu Shan tea Yun-«Cloud veil», right there at the table took up the pen and wrote a poem with the lines: «Tea cloud veil with Lushan mountains, with a thick taste and invigorating effect, similar to the drink of immortality. It as a way of gaining a long life». Zhu De had lived to 90 years. Tea and brought him health and longevity.

Chinese tea prevents the development of many chronic diseases, because regular tea consumption supports stable level of amino acids and vitamins, which is especially important in the elderly. Tea is rich in minerals and those that are not often found in other food products: copper, fluorine, iron,manganese, zinc, calcium, and older people often lack these minerals. Not clebyzelabete and medicinal constituents such as caffeine, tannin, vitamin R. Caffeine is an excellent vasodilator means that it speeds up breathing and increases the mobility of the muscles, not ucasa with heart rate or raising blood pressure. The combined effect of caffeine and tannin prevents the increase of cholesterol level and due to this tea prevents the development of diseases of the heart and coronary arteries. In addition,the tea improves the protective functions of cells, has a strong anticancer effect, prevents the formation of fat clots and may increase the temperature of the T-shaped cells of lymph. Caffeine and catechin has strong antioxidant activity and tannin is responsible for astringent, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects.

In the journal “health news-China published the results of experiments conducted small research group specialized Institute of air medicine. During these experiments it was studied the influence of a commercially available red, floral and green teas on the lifespan of experimental animals. All these teas are not only reduced to half of the mortality and extended the lives of animals, but also significantly raised the level of activity of older animals. The best results gave the red tea. Japanese researchers have found that the tannin contained in tea leaves, much more effectively slows down the aging of tissues than vitamin E. the Extract cells from the liver of white rat was placed in the solution to promote oxidation. When added to one liter solution of 5 milligrams of vitamin E, fat oxidation was decreased by 4%, and 5 milligrams of tannin slowed the oxidation process by 74%, which is more than 18 times compared with vitamin E. thus, regular use (but not abuse) of Chinese tea . undoubtedly, postpones old age. If tea is to add other strengthen health funds, you can achieve even more amazing results.

Those recipes where tea is combined with various medicinal substances, throughout the long history of Chinese medicine has developed many. Most of them add to tea firming and nourishing substances sweet taste and neutral nature, which have a beneficial effect on the liver and kidneys, blood and qi, regulate the balance of Yin and Yang, keep the seed and nourish the spirit, increases intellect. When translated into the language of modern medicine to the above-described effects corresponds to the increased production of antibodies and improves the immune system, and this is directly related to slow down the aging process.

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