Live cacao

The benefits and harms of cocoa

There are three types of cocoa, with different properties and various health benefits.

How to understand cocoa

Currently, there are three varieties of cocoa on the market:

Cocoa industrial production, cultivated in tropical countries around the world on large plantations using large quantities of fertilizers and pesticides. Cocoa is the most intensively treated with pesticides cultivated plant in the world. In addition, cocoa beans industrial production are subjected to radiological treatment for the destruction of an excessive amount of pests in conditions of plantation cultivation. This cacao is used to produce 99% of all chocolate in the world. The total annual production in the world, more than 2 million tons.

The poor quality variation of this type is cocoa from China. Cocoa in China is not growing, but Chinese companies traditionally buy worldwide substandard rotten cocoa beans for subsequent deep processing for the manufacture of cocoa butter and cocoa powder.

Needless to say that the technology of growing and processing of cocoa beans makes industrial cocoa powder and products on its basis those deprived of useful properties, which nature has endowed the fruit of the cacao tree, and synthetic substances, trapped in the product during the manufacturing process are not good for health.

Organic industrial cocoa the same as in claim 1, but grown without pesticides. Has properties a lot better than just industrial cocoa. However, the effect of growth conditions on the plantations:

the high density of trees and the poverty of the soil;

growing in the sun for cocoa contraindicated;

violations of technology of cultivation,

Has a relatively poor mineral and biological content of valuable components. Total world production of about 15 thousand tons per year.

This cocoa is significantly more useful for health than industrial. To get the maximum benefit from this cocoa, it is necessary to reject heat treatment beans.

Live cocoa is cocoa beans collected from wild trees in the real tropical forest in South America, in Peru and Ecuador. The total production of 500-700 tons per year.

Used in its natural form (without heat treatment), represents the maximum health benefits.

Live cocoa is assembled by hand with raw cacao wild trees, which has retained its wonderful life-giving properties of this plant and its fruits. Due to the fact that it grows in terms of biologically intensive metabolism in soils of the Amazon basin, it has unique mineral and biological composition.

All substances living in cocoa are bioavailable and bioactive forms for superior absorption by the human body and restore a natural hormonal balance.

Regular chocolate

Made of industrial cocoa more intensively treated with pesticides crop in the world.

When the manufacturer applies heat (250 degrees) processing cocoa beans, cocoa paste and cocoa butter, which kills the life-giving properties of cocoa almost completely. All studies industrial manufacturers to prove useful properties of chocolate are conducted on a live cocoa, and the results apply to regular chocolate.

During its manufacture, chemical processing methods alkalis, alkalization, etc. which completely destroys the excellent therapeutic properties of living of cocoa.

The use of live cocoa improves health and prolongs life!

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