Lime tea.

Use Linden tea

Lime tea is a great vitamin drink. Tea can lead you to the norm, it will help if you feel unwell and warm up with colds. Lime tea with a small amount of honey strengthens the immune system and reduces the risk of catching an infection.

Lime tea protects against respiratory diseases and will be your ambulance if the infection you have contracted. Because a large number in Linden tea contains vitamins A, C and volatile, it is an excellent antiseptic. Lime flower tea relieves the symptoms of colds, viral infections, inflammation. It lowers body temperature, serves as a good expectorant, diaphoretic and diuretic. In some countries, such as Germany, lime tea advise health service for the treatment and prevention of colds.

Lime tea “chases” the blood vessels, helps to relieve swelling, eases the pain with cramps, helps eliminate congestion. Tea normalizes the urinary system, reduces inflammation of the stomach, intestines and kidneys. It is advised to drink for people with weak and thin vessels, since the substances contained in tea prevent the formation of sclerotic plaques and make vessels more elastic.

To cope with insomnia will help weak infusion of Linden drunk before bedtime. It helps to relieve nervous tension and helps to relax.

Very useful tea from Linden for the female body, especially during menopause or in case of violation of the menstrual cycle. This is because tea contains phytohormones, very similar to the female sex hormone. Actually, they repair the lack of these hormones, when the female body for various reasons fails. Women after 45 years to once every six months during the month in the morning to drink a Cup of Linden tea: climax they may not be afraid, it will come much later and will be painless, without bleeding.

The lime blossom collection

• Linden blooms in late June – early July, at this time, the Linden trees spread in the air a delicate sweet fragrance of their blossoms. To collect the lime color you need in the midst of flowering. The period of flowering lime trees are small, so you need to look to the flowers already opened up, and were in the flowering stage, because at the end of flowering Linden flowers crumble and turn into fine dust. The buds are harvested in the spring, the bark in early spring or late autumn.

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