Kinds of Chinese white tea

Appearance white tea

While collecting pay special attention to the selection of the leaves. Usually for white tea are harvested only the youngest poursuivies the leaves of the first harvest, revealed by short white hairs tea buds open (“Bai Hoa” — “cilia white”). For elite white teas going either only one apical leaf (more tips); tips or plus one following it leaf.

The production of the vast majority of varieties of white tea consists of

only two steps:

The first step — a short excerpt for a couple (a kind of “burning” about 1 min to stop the fermentation process; although some varieties of white tea sometimes even slightly fermented or podkachivayut to smoke),

The second step – drying.

In the finished tea should not be wilted, broken, twisted and oxidized (black or brown) leaves. Essentially, the color of the leaves should remain green or grayish-green).

The white color of the bottom leaves should be clearly visible.

Properly brewed white tea

Brewed white tea is definitely soft and not too hot water (85° C). Because he has a particular concentration of essential oils, giving it an exquisite aroma, brewing too hot water will kill these wonderful smells.

The steeping time, usually not more than 5 minutes.

For example, tea «Silver Needle” brewed at a water temperature of 85° C for approximately 4 minutes.

After brewing white tea has a pale yellow or greenish-yellow color and delicate floral, slightly “herbal” aroma and sweet taste.

In China, white tea is used almost exclusively for the traditional procedure of brewing — Gongfu-cha.

Types of manufacturing

The two most popular in China kinds of white tea — White Peony (Chinese name Pai Mu tan or Bai Mudan) and grade Silver Needle (Bai Hao, Injen).

Grade “Silver Needle” is grown in the North of Fujian province, and, presumably, this variety was already known in the 12th century.

The main producers of white tea

White tea is distributed almost exclusively in China and is considered one of the most exquisite (and expensive!) teas.

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