Jasmine green tea

Tune in the morning to work or to unwind after a hard day’s work will help Jasmine green tea, the benefits and harms it has long been known to all. This drink gives a feeling of peace and tranquility. In addition, it possesses some medicinal properties, perhaps that is why there are many fans around the world.

Jasmine is used not only for making tea. It is used in cosmetics and perfumes. This beautiful flower with a unique flavor is also a powerful aphrodisiac.

The benefits and harms of green tea with Jasmine

Jasmine green tea has powerful antioxidant properties. It includes more than one hundred organic compounds, and almost all known science today vitamins, micro and macroelements. It is very rich in minerals, alkaloids, amino acids that are useful for the human body.

Jasmine tea can provide a lot of useful effects. It reduces blood pressure, struggling with allergic reactions, and improves the functioning of the intestinal tract. This refreshing drink is well slake thirst, burn extra calories, reduces harmful cholesterol.

Also it helps to cope with chronic fatigue syndrome, increases the stability of the organism to various infectious and viral diseases, prevents the development of myocardial infarction, atherosclerosis, thrombosis. Jasmine tea is a prophylactic development of cancer.

Jasmine green tea — an excellent tool for the prevention of various diseases

The list of beneficial effects due to vitamin and mineral composition of Jasmine tea. With regular use improvement was observed in the nervous system, normalization of sleep.

Drink Jasmine tea after meals, because it increases the acidity of gastric juice. As a result, the process of digestion of feed consumed is simplified, and the excess fat is burned.


In some cases, drinking green tea with Jasmine is not recommended. You shouldn’t use it as a snack when hunger pains, as it will only intensify. Give up this drink and before bedtime, otherwise you will find it hard to sleep.

Jasmine tea in China

This country is his homeland. Here it is considered to be the best of all varieties of these beverages, it is used as antibacterial and antiviral agents. Chinese Jasmine tea is made from green and white varieties.

The secret healing properties

Due to the beneficial effects of Jasmine green tea on the body because its main component is caffeine. But in this drink it is presented in a lightweight form – tein. This substance increases energy and vitality, improves performance of the brain.

Drinking Jasmine tea regularly, you will be able to cleanse the blood, to overcome chronic stress, improve visual acuity, it also has a tonic effect on the heart muscle, relieves spasms.

The benefits of Jasmine green tea don’t end there. He speeds up the healing process, reduces pain of rheumatism, partially eliminates discomfort with motion sickness, strengthens the enamel of the teeth.


As already noted, Jasmine green tea is incredibly rich in variety of vitamins and minerals, their share of the total mass is approximately 7%. 25% of the weight falls on vegetable proteins.

Jasmine green tea — a storehouse of vitamins

The amount of vitamins contained in tea with Jasmine, equivalent to citrus fruits, and nutritional value – to the representatives of the legumes.

Jasmine milk tea the benefits and harms

This option is invigorating drink is also very useful. It improves the functioning of the urinary system, acts as a diuretic that speeds up the elimination of toxic substances and toxins from the body. It is effective when trying to lose weight.

Green tea with milk is to be used for people with hypertension and hypotension, as initially raises blood pressure, and then reduces it.

Bags or loose?

In today’s supermarkets, a wide range of different varieties of tea. And the question may arise: buy tea bags or loose?

Of course, packaged a convenient option to use, but if he brings the good for you? Manufacturers of such product is often used tea dust, and a lot of preservatives and dyes. In addition to this, your Cup of tea gets glue and paper. It is unlikely that such tea will bring pleasure.

Therefore prefer loose Jasmine tea, preferably loose leaf. Although it requires more time to brew, but you will be able to fully enjoy the aroma of this invigorating drink.

Drink with pleasure Jasmine green tea. The benefits and harms it contains, but excluding contraindications to its use, you will be able to provide your body a lot of positive influences.

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