How to make ice cream at home

With the advent of summer, all the shops are filled with only one really important and necessary in this time of year goods – of course, it’s ice cream! This is a wonderful product loved by all – children and adults, grandparents, grumblers and cheerful people. By the way, it is scientifically proven that ice cream elevates the mood of any person, in spite of whether you have bought in the store a regular Cup of ice cream, ordered in an expensive gourmet restaurant or prepared ice cream at home. The Italians generally believed that a day without ice cream is a day spent aimlessly, in vain, in vain. How many species of this beautiful dessert –

and easy milk, cream, crème brûlée, chocolate and nut, fruit and in the form of frozen ice on a stick and in a Cup with biscuits and waffles with sprinkles and fruit! No wonder it is loved by everyone – even for an adult, with all this diversity dazzled and mouth watering, not to mention the baby!

Ice cream is a delicacy that has a cooling effect, it has a nourishing and energetic properties. His “ancestor” is a mixture of snow and ice mixed with fruit juice – this ice cream was prepared in ancient China (it’s been more than three thousand years ago). European equivalent of today’s ice cream invented around the 13th century, the recipe was brought again from China, when the yard was considered a great delicacy and exquisite dish. In addition, until the mid-18th century, ice cream was manufactured and sold only in summer and only in the second half of the 18th century (to be precise, in 1750) it began to sell all year round (it happened in Italy).

The taste of good homemade ice cream should be tender, clearly marked, homogeneous, with no visible lumps of ice. You can cook it as using the separate products (milk, cream, sugar, fruits), and ready mixes. The second method is widespread abroad. So in different European countries is continuously growing volume of production of semi-finished products for ice cream. What do they include? It’s a simple powder blend, which usually includes such products as sugar, vegetable protein, milk powder, flavors, preservatives. Usually this mixture just enough to dissolve in water or milk (sometimes with cream for a more airy) and then put in the freezer. Typically, such mixtures are Packed in bundles of from 0.1 to 1 kilogram in cans (for a more complete preservation of taste).

There are 2 main types of ice cream – “Philadelphia” (more calories it consists of milk, cream, sugar and flavors) and “French” (this variety has a lower calorific value, it also consists of milk, a little less cream, sugar, egg yolks and flavoring agents). Real good ice cream must contain not less than 20% fat, it will give him the tenderness and lightness. That is why good get ice cream from the recipes to the large amounts of cream.

So, in order to get enough of the delicious homemade ice cream, we have to remember some rules of preparation of this dessert. For maximum uniformity and high fat content need to use condensed milk (or powdered) if you need some cream. To use the water you need in smaller quantities, or not use it at all if possible. This is because when frozen in the freezer the water is separated from other substances and crystallizes, and then (when consuming ice cream) melts very quickly, that does not give the desired cooling effect. Before pour the mixture into a shape, you need a good beat her, because this ensures the softness and tenderness of this product (this effect is achieved by the formation of bubbles with air while beating). For making ice cream at home required only the freshest produce, and otherwise best quality ice cream you can’t make it either. Such perishable products as cream and milk should be as fresh as a fruit, because a good ice cream is not frozen and dry, namely fresh fruits and berries.

So, how to make ice cream at home. Let’s try to cook with you classic white ice cream (sundae). Recipe of ice cream. take the yolks ( to do this, they need a good cooling, otherwise they don’t get whipped). 3 egg yolks, take a half Cup of sugar (for better solubility can be beat in powdered sugar). Beat with a mixer for ice cream has formed a lot of bubbles, then slowly add to the yolks two cups of pre-boiled and cooled milk. Continue to beat for about a minute. Then take this mixture and put on low heat in a pot with thick walls, cook for about five minutes, until it begins to thicken. You can add some vanilla for flavor. While our mass cools down to room temperature, whip the Cup of fresh cream until, until they thicken. Milk-yolk mass after cooling to put in some time in the refrigerator, already chilled mix it gently with cream, so we were all mixed together into a homogeneous mass. Then put in the freezer, after about an hour you will have to reach in and stir, then put back. So it’ll have to cool for about 4 hours.

Another kind of ice cream – sorbet. It is prepared without egg yolks, milk and cream. For this you need only water, sugar and berries. One kilogram of any berries or fruit pour boiling water and allow to stand in it for about 2-3 minutes. Then the resulting mass through a sieve and add the resulting puree sugar (to taste). Decomposed according to the forms and put in the freezer. There is this ice cream can after a couple of hours.

Experts advise feeding ice cream to the table immediately from the freezer, and after taking it out of the freezer and wait five or ten minutes so that it slightly melted. That’s when it will reveal all its beauty and fragrance! Bon appetit!

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