How to make Baileys at home

Tasted delicious once the most famous Baileys liqueur will certainly be an idea to prepare this drink at home. It definitely needs to cook and try Amateurs homemade alcoholic drinks.About this delicious coffee and cream liqueur, which is an Irish whiskey and cream and sugar, must be heard by many. The popularity he gained in 1974. Now there is a vast variety of it, with various additives: caramel, coffee, mint, chocolate, walnut, truffle. Mainly consumers of this drink are women. Baileys used in bars,adding it in various cocktails, because he is great in many of them, especially those that are poured in layers. Also it is added to ice cream.


Homemade Baileys differs from the original density, but the taste is very similar. It will be not so intense, because at home will not add flavor stabilizers, preservatives and other chemicals. Stored, of course, it won’t be long. The enthusiasts will appreciate this product.

Recipe quick cooking

The Lite version of the popular recipe from the Internet will save time and effort. To cook a batch of liquor in just half an hour.Unsophisticated consumers do not distinguish the drink for this recipe from the original. You can make chocolate Baileys cream on replacing chocolate milk.

You will need:

0,5 vodka (preferably Irish whiskey, such as Jameson),

400 ml cream (10%),

1 tin of condensed milk,

1 tbsp instant coffee,

2 tbsp vanilla sugar,

4 egg yolks.

Step by step cooking:

In a deep bowl pour the vanilla sugar. Separate the yolks from the whites, and finish them to sugar. Pour the condensed milk and whisk thoroughly

Add coffee and whisk again.

Add the cream and again mix well.

Add the alcohol and mix thoroughly.


“When you add granulated coffee, don’t worry if large granules

dissolved, adding alcohol will all change. Cream choose not greasy, otherwise they will start to condense on the glasses. The finished drink should stand in a cool place for 5 days before use. On one day do not close the lid, so to evaporate the excess ethanol pair. Store Bailey made at home, in the fridge, so it will retain the required density. Using whiskey instead of vodka, you will certainly get a higher quality drink. You can also use cognac”.

The recipe is a little more complicated

All who were lucky to make Baileys on the second previous recipe deem unsuitable, as the drink is not as tasty as I would like. Accordingly, with this recipe will have trouble, it requires patience. But the result is worth it, because you’ll get a very good drink, as close in taste to the original, but the density will still be less. Cooking takes place two stages. The whole process takes a week and a half.

The first stage: the alcoholic Foundation

With 3-4 spoons of sugar to make caramel.

Added a little cinnamon, 2 tsp. honey 1/3 tsp. ground ginger, 1 tsp. of oak bark, 3 vanilla on 2R.

Next, you need to fill all 60% alcohol. If you use whiskey, pouring it in half with alcohol – total should be 400 ml.

Now we need to insist all during the week. Holding the container in a dark place, shaking occasionally. After expiration, you need to drain the fluid to not have anything extra.

Step two: add components

Fresh 10% cream – 1 litre

Not thick condensed milk – 400 g

Egg yolks – 2 PCs.,

Instant coffee – 2 tsp

Step by step cooking:

In a container pour a pint of cream and add the egg yolks, beat with a mixer.

Add the condensed milk and coffee. Whisk.

Add the remaining cream. Whisk.

Pour the tincture, whisk one last time.

Add to drink 2 sachets of vanilla sugar and put the container in a cold room for 5 days. During this time excess fat will float to the top and should be removed.

Tips, the nuances of the recipe:

“Oak bark acquire in the drugstore, in fact, like alcohol, but in this case, you should know how to dilute it. Adding instant coffee, you must dilute it in water. Eggs to take home. Ready Baileys should be filtered through a cotton cloth, and after bottling. The drink turned out to be cooked if it is homogeneous and there is no clotted cream, nasty-looking pieces. Yet again it is stored not as long as the original, but this version could stand for six months, even without refrigeration”.

Feed of drink

For lovers of Irish liqueurs this option is very like it, given the fact that this drink is easy to prepare at home. In recent years, the taste of the original is not the same, because this Bailey will be a delight. Before serving, preferably again filtered to be sure there’s no excess fat. Serve it chilled, you can add ice. You can podrobit ice in a blender, then add the Baileys and beat again all.Pour it in a Martini glass and sprinkle with a pinch of cocoa. The drink is not too strong. You can add it in coffee without sugar, as it will replace Bailey. It gives the coffee drink is an absolutely amazing aroma. Delicious would be if you water them with ice cream. Also, you should try strawberry with whipped cream. Serves clean Bailey in the stacks with a wide top.

What should not mix Baileys

“With sodas to mix Baileys impossible, so the cream will curdle. Should not interfere with juices, the only exception will apply citrus juices”.

Cocktails with cream liqueur

Baileys can be used in baking, desserts, fruit salads with prunes and nuts. Anyway, you should definitely make an Bailey personally, at home at least once in your life. Don’t forget that a huge plus when cooking at home is that you can choose the strength of the drink. Adding more alcohol will be more robust, in opposite cases softer Bailey.

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