How to cook cocoa with milk

This drink we all know from childhood. It was served in kindergarten, then in the school cafeteria. Then we didn’t know how to cook cocoa with milk, and not very interested in this. Now it’s time to learn to cook it yourself!

You will need:

Milk – 200 g;

Cocoa powder – 1 teaspoon;

Sugar – 2 teaspoons.

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Recipe cocoa with milk need to know any mother of a child 2-3 years. At this age allow pediatricians to give kids this drink. Of course, not very often and too strong. You should start with small portions, to determine if the crumbs are allergic to its components.

If everything is in order, then occasionally you can pamper your favorite child this tasty and healthy drink. Best in Breakfast or afternoon snack, but not overnight. Even with milk, cocoa still stimulates the nervous system. And to increase the vigor of the child when it’s time to sleep, do not need.

And adults will not damage the Cup of this drink. However, the heating value is relatively high, so that the ladies who are struggling with weight loss, this tea should be taken with caution. But if from time to time to replace the traditional Cup of coffee for Breakfast, unnecessary programs will not increase!


Boil cocoa with milk and just a short time. So do not think that this process is much more complex than lay in a Cup a spoon of instant powder. But to escape from him you will not succeed, after 5-8 minutes you will need to look closely for a drink.

To cook it, bring to boil the milk. Be very carefully and remove the saucepan from the heat as soon as it starts to increase in volume, and then run away.

In a Cup or bowl gently stir cocoa powder and sugar. Pour a little hot milk, about 3-4 tablespoons.

Carefully RUB the mass until smooth. It becomes thick and vibrant, saturated color. Add a little more milk, again kneaded. Now the mixture became thinner, it can flow.

Return the saucepan to the stove and place under it a small fire. Stir in the milk solution cocoa, and boil for about 3 minutes.

Don’t go away from the plate! Periodically stir preparing the drink, otherwise at the bottom he can slightly burnt or to gather in lumps. When the time passes, the stove can be turned off, and the contents of the saucepan pour into cups.

Cocoa with milk ready! Decorate it with whipped cream or grated chocolate and serve with biscuits.

Bon appetit!

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