How to cook cacao

Natural cocoa drink for the whole family. It invigorates, improves mood, improves memory and attention, normalizes blood circulation and heart function, restores power after physical exercise. Often people who can’t drink coffee, replace it with cocoa.

Kids love cocoa for chocolate flavor, adults – “taste of childhood”. There are many recipes for this delicious beverage: brewed by water and milk, add the cream and condensed milk, egg yolk and ginger, vanilla and chocolate, berries and fruit. The hostess left to choose, how to cook cocoa, in accordance with their tastes and desires.

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The classic recipe

Cocoa easy to prepare. This requires cocoa powder, sugar and milk. Sometimes the milk is completely or partially replaced by water.

Cocoa should be in powder, dark brown color, without impurities. Instant cocoa mixes for the preparation of the drink, they are not useful due to the different additives and inferior in taste to the natural product. The milk can be any fat, it all depends on the preference of the hostess.

The basic recipe:

Pour into a saucepan 1 liter of milk and bring it to boil.

Take 3 tablespoons of cocoa powder and sugar, mix them in a bowl.

Not waiting until the milk boils, scoop up some milk, about 1 Cup, and add to the mixture.

Mix cocoa with sugar and hot milk until smooth.

To combine the mixture and the boiling milk, stir and let stand on low heat for 2 minutes.

The drink is ready!

Ready cocoa can mix to make a drink homogeneous, more fragrant and prevent the formation of a film-foam.

Some chefs recommend sugar and cocoa dissolve in hot water and then pour the boiling milk. Another option is to cook cocoa in water and add a Cup of cream or condensed milk to taste.

To decide how to cook cocoa, can only be the mistress.

Unusual recipes

Often in cocoa add honey, ginger, cinnamon, vanilla, chocolate and coconut, liqueur, brandy. Drink decorated with whipped cream, mint leaves, fruit and berries.

As a result of numerous experiments chefs came to light many original recipes cocoa. The most popular of them – with chicken egg yolk (cocoa-flip), with cream and ice cream.

Cocoa flip

It can be cooked with milk or cream.

Recipe № 1.

You need to cook the classic cocoa.

Take the egg yolks from the calculation yolk ½ to 1 serving, 1 teaspoon sugar and cocoa powder and whisk.

To combine the mixture with the cocoa, whisking, and pour into cups.

Recipe № 2.

Whisk 1 chicken yolk with 3 tablespoons of sugar to whitening weight and increase in volume.

Boil cocoa, to do this, take 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder and 150 ml of hot water.

Mix the yolk with a small amount of the beverage.

To combine the resulting mixture with the rest of the cocoa, whisking, and pour into cups.

Definitely recommend as a tasty brew cocoa which recipe to choose, impossible, all depends on the wishes of the hostess.

Cocoa with whipped cream

To prepare the cocoa on the basic recipe. You can add to the drink cinnamon or vanilla.

Pour cocoa, filling cups⅔.

Beat fatty chilled cream with powdered sugar and spread on top of the drink.

Whipped cream is a very delicate product, so place them carefully.

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