How to choose tea

In order to choose the tea for yourself, you must do some experiment. Today the market of goods offered all sorts of types and varieties of tea from different manufacturers. It is difficult to rely only on the bright and beautiful packaging, using a determining factor in the price too it is possible to miscalculate. The maximum that can solve people for their choice of tea is to take black, green, red or white. In the pyramids, bags or custard. With or without additive. We supposedly have a wide range and the ability to choose, and still we buy a pig in a poke. And now, it seems to be convenient: buying a pack of tea bags, you can ensure yourself a

good, and most importantly, quickly zavarovalnica tea for a month, if not more. The only problem is that this tea will not convey the full flavor and turns into an everyday ordinary event.

But what if you push only from the fact that there are several types of tea, distributed by color, even easier. You can take and consider only black and green teas. Of course, this will be brewed teas, which can be seen every chinku and brewing process. This will be the first right decision in choosing tea.

The nuances in the selection of tea

The first thing to look for when choosing tea: the color of tea leaves. In dry conditions they should have a deep color if black tea and tea leaves are black, slightly shiny, not gray and not brown. Tea leaves of green tea are light green or green, no dark shades – if the tea leaves have an admixture in color, this tea is better not to drink.

Second, if the dry tea is a more or less homogeneous mass, then it is a good indicator. If you open a box or package tea, between the tea leaves is observed the presence of sticks, Sora and parts of the leaves – that is a bad indicator. This tea is low quality, but it can be drunk. But if the tea leaves are found pieces of foil, paper, wood and other materials in which tea could be transported, it is a very bad indicator.

Third, the tea leaves should be a twisted spiral and ideally just be a little twisted at a slightly less high level of quality. It is believed that the swirling of the tea leaves suggests that the tea has been properly dried and retained its properties. And dried tea leaves ought not to be, ideally, the tea should contain approximately 3-6% moisture. It is important to keep in mind, even though it’s almost impossible to meet, that if the tea contains 20% moisture, it in no case should not drink, this tea will contain the poison.

And last, the tea should smell delicious, as is supposed to smell like tea. The odor should not be present shades of metal, fumes, gasoline, fish or something absolutely unusual tea.

About teas

Speaking directly about the General varieties of tea, then there are black, green and red, then when you select one of them, it is important to be guided not only by their taste preferences, but also effect, which is able to provide a particular tea.

Classic black

Classic black tea is a source of energy and vitality because it contained caffeine. Black tea has a tonic effect and at the same time calms the nervous system, frequent additive in black tea – bergamot helps to combat depression and bad mood. In addition, black tea helps to prevent diseases and conditions, including viral infections. The composition of black tea is a trace mineral tannin, which strengthens the immune system. Therefore, a Cup of hot tea not only warms the body, but also will contribute to the creation of immune shield. In addition, a good black tea contains fluoride that strengthens tooth enamel and gums. So tea lovers can ensure strong teeth and protection against tooth decay, of course, if not to abuse drinking of tea. Black tea is able to rid the body of negative habits, to restore the operation mode of the body and stimulate brain activity. But, in any case can not drink too much black tea, otherwise it will have a negative impact on the body: mucous membrane irritation, impaired heart function, even dehydration due to too fast of a metabolism and toning up effect.


Popular and useful green tea is an innovation that came to us from the East and is strongly rooted in everyday life. In it the same way as in the black tea contains caffeine, but not in its pure form and is called theine. Promotes the toning of the body. The green tea contains about 500 chemical elements and 450 species of compounds, as well as almost all groups of vitamins that are necessary for the functioning of all systems in the human body. It would seem that the choice should fall in favor of green tea, but it is important to remember that this type of tea is not for everyone: it reduces the pressure and has a high acidity that may be dangerous. But this tea may be useful in cases of poisoning, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. And additionally, because accelerates the metabolism of elements, it is the ideal drink for weight loss. The main thing to remember is to drink green tea on an empty stomach and mixing it with alcohol is not recommended.


Hibiscus – the tart, unusual and not so common as the previous two options. Tea made from the flowering plants and has a number of amazing properties that contribute to the normalization of all body systems. Diabetes, skin problems, colds and eye diseases is useful to use this kind of tea. Now we shall show that hibiscus plays an important role in cancer prevention and treatment of the circulatory system. To spoil such tea is extremely difficult, therefore, with a limited choice, it is better to take it to get a black or green tea of good quality is hard enough.

There are many kinds of tea, not so common and just having beneficial properties, these may include: herbal teas, Jasmine, ginger, Oolong, PU-erh etc. But to choose from them to his liking himself.

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