Hot chocolate.

Invented by Indians hot chocolate was originally a drink of shamans and was intended for ritual ceremonies, and today this aromatic drink drink not only for fun and tone up, but also for medicinal purposes

Hot chocolate is called a drink made on the basis of cocoa

with milk (or water) and sugar. The recipe of this dessert drink can be twofold. In many Countries of Europe and America hot chocolate brewed from regular cocoa powder and milk, and in Ukraine or Russia – from the melted chocolate with the addition of the same milk and a variety of spices, mainly cinnamon and vanilla.

The appearance of hot chocolate obliged the Indians, inhabiting tropical America. Originally a drink made from cocoa beans used in cold and add to it the spices, particularly chilli, and alcohol – for this reason it was forbidden to drink to children and women. For a spicy taste that Indians drink called “chocolatl”, which translated from the Aztec language means “bitter water”. He served as a drug for ritual ceremonies, and often it was used by the shamans and associated with sacrifices people.

The hot chocolate recipe perfected by the Europeans, replacing chili sugar and starting to warm the drink to his consistency. In the eighteenth century around the world began to open the chocolate salons, eclipsed by his popularity even tea and coffee house. Hot chocolate was not only a favorite dessert drink most, but effective additional tool in the treatment of many diseases.

Previously hot chocolate was very fat drink: it was so dense, and its surface was going oily foam. So it somehow easier, they started adding cream or milk. Today the concentration and composition of hot chocolate can be selected individually, but this aromatic drink is not possible without chocolate or cocoa powder, sugar and hot milk or water. Sometimes added starch (for acquiring characteristic density), whipped cream, alcohol, cinnamon, etc. This drink becomes very thick, rich and sweet, often they’re served with crisp bread and a glass of cool water.

In various countries “chocolate” preferences are very different. So, Americans opt for the low-fat drink from cocoa beans, and Italians love cioccolata densa, then there ’s dense chocolate”, which has a high caloric content. One of the most difficult recipes to prepare the Spaniards: they add to the drink anise seeds, honey, Cayenne pepper, rose, sandalwood bark, cinnamon and hazelnut.

Often chocolate drink give the finished dry mix, prepared with only need to dilute them with hot water.

Composition and useful properties of hot chocolate

Many scientific studies have confirmed the fact that liquid hot chocolate is more significant value to health than solid. This drink contains a lot of nutrients, among them antioxidants, flavonoids, minerals (magnesium, calcium, iron and potassium), vitamins A, B1, C, E and D. Most of these useful components missing in the tile chocolate, because in the manufacturing process it goes through many different stages of processing with the use of high temperatures.

This drink is a great preventive measure against cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Such a beneficial effect on the body proved a high content in liquid chocolate flavonoids. These substances contribute to the improved function of blood vessels and reduce the harmful influence on the human body free radicals.

In addition, hot chocolate contains biologically active substances that improve mood and vitality, stimulate the brain, improve memory, increase efficiency and help overcome depression.


The use of this aromatic drink is contraindicated in those who have been overweight, poor metabolism, diabetes. As the modern manufacturers add in cocoa powder of different flavors, thickeners and baking powder, drink it can cause allergic reactions. Abuse of hot chocolate can also worsen the condition of the teeth.

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