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Outside is much colder, but not everywhere. We still have the sun shining and quite warm. But not far off the cold. But no sad as well. To lift your spirits, offer to make dessert. from which no one will refuse. Though this dessert and not for the season, now it is much tastier than in the summer. You’ve probably already guessed, we will prepare a

delicious homemade vanilla ice cream . The number of recipes for homemade ice cream big enough, but I’ll make today a classic ice cream with vanilla, and cream.

cream with fat content not less than 35 % (I have Pets) — 500 ml.,

the pasteurized milk (retail) — 200 ml.,

egg yolks — 4 PCs.,

sugar — 150 gr.

vanilla sugar — 8 oz.,

a pinch of salt.

recipe for homemade ice cream

1. Eggs, divided into yolks and whites. From proteins, you can prepare the meringue for the cake marshmallows or air. And while we need the yolks. We RUB, using a whisk, in a magnificent mass. Add the vanilla sugar and add a pinch of salt. Salt will add an original ice cream flavor.

2. Milk pour into a small container, put on a small fire and bring to a boil. Once the milk boils, begin to continuously stir the mass, pouring a thin stream of beaten egg yolks. Tormented on the stove until then, pack the mixture begins to thicken. But not boil, bring the contents of the container to light bubbles. Remove from heat and cooled by placing a bowl of custard yolks in another bowl with cold water. The cooled custard to room temperature, place in refrigerator for 1 hour, so it is completely cooled. Even in the freezer, but less than a short time.

3. Before whipping the cream. they need to stand in refrigerator 2 hours, along with dishes, which will beat. The required amount of cream pour into a bowl for whipping and first on small turns, begin to beat, gradually increasing the speed, bring the weight up to strong peaks. But beware, not parabati cream into butter! While whisking, somewhere in the middle, add the chilled custard mixture.

The resulting weight — this is our ice cream. But you just freeze a couple of times and stir till it has acquired a real taste and was not present ice crystals. That is, pour ice cream into a container, cover it up and kill in the freezer for 1 hour.

Then, after a time, the container need to get and mix with a mixer or electric whisk. This procedure should be repeated twice in 30 minutes.

After that, the container should stand in a freezer at least 3-4 hours and you can enjoy this divine taste. A little tiring, but is worth it.

Before serving, ice cream lay on the ice-cream bowls or plates,

decorate with the strawberry jam. I had frozen strawberries with sugar. I shredded in the blender, gave a bit to thaw and pour your homemade vanilla ice cream.

You can also pour melted chocolate. Very delicious and tasty!

I almost forgot. The weight of the finished ice cream is 800 grams.

I will eat well!

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