Green tea benefits and bred

Green tea is good, but dangerous. While red wine has powerful antioxidant resveratrol, green tea also contains powerful antioxidant — Epigallocatechingallate. And only thanks to the resveratrol, the French have a low incidence of coronary heart disease, despite the consumption of highly caloric and fatty foods. The Japanese have too low percentage of heart disease, despite the fact that most of them are heavy smokers. They also drink red wine in large quantities? Of course not. The answer is obvious, they eat a lot of green tea.

The properties of green tea are not fully understood. But some of its useful properties has been proved by scientific research:

treats various infections

stops the development of diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease

treats multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis

prevents cancer and slows down its development

treats blood pressure, heart attacks and stroke

neutralizes the movement of free radicals in the body

heals bleeding wounds

serves as a prevention of dental caries, destroying the bacteria that cause dental plaque

increases the metabolism in the body

decomposes in the body fat and harmful cholesterol

promotes weight loss

reduces intracranial pressure

Dentists advise grounds from green tea clean your teeth, as it contained fluoride strengthens tooth enamel.

Doctors recommend to drink it without any additives, except for the honey.

Their healing properties of tea does not lose and cooled. You can quench your thirst and recharge positive energy to the whole body.

The harm of green tea

Even if green tea is considered a safe drink and available in a free market, this tea should be taken with caution. Remember that the main problem with taking too many associated with a high content of caffeine and natural phenolic substances.

During pregnancy and lactation women should refrain from taking this drink. Caffeine gets into breast milk and cause anxiety infant.

People with high acidity of the stomach is recommended to limit the consumption of green tea. It causes excessive production of stomach acid, and this loss of appetite, heartburn and diarrhea.

Drinking large amounts of this beverage may cause insomnia, nausea and frequent urination.

You should not drink much strong infusion of this drink. The leaves of the tea plant are highly toxic and adversely affect the liver and kidneys.

Despite the usefulness in the prevention of heart disease and cancer, it is not recommended for hypertensive patients. To benefit for the treatment of their diseases, such people must buy tea without caffeine.

To abuse it in order to weight loss is not worth it. As for fat loss one green tea a little, need a comprehensive approach.

Harmful green tea for men

The answer is no, if you drink it, of course, within reasonable limits!

First: green tea is an excellent soothing and invigorating agent. What a tired man after work, to relax a little rest, and then again to cheer up! Isn’t it?

Secondly: green drink contains minerals that have a beneficial effect on the organs of the reproductive system, improving testosterone production.

And thirdly: remember what country most of the time for the tea party? Right in China! And mostly drink what tea? Green. But now the Chinese population on the planet? Do not count! The result is obvious — what harm green tea for men?

The only case when the tea is harmful overdose. In this case, it is dangerous to both men and women.

In the article about the healing properties of red tea, you can learn how to brew this tea, to whom it is contraindicated and can it be mixed with milk and honey. Also read about the beneficial properties of white tea.

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