Green tea

Most people who regularly drink green tea are convinced that it is very useful. Of course, to argue with it it is difficult, however, if you firmly believe, is not understood in detail, you can harm their own health.

Green tea is a single plant and not as many think a black tea. only immature. Came this drink from Asian countries, which are its natural environment for the growth.

However, some modern varieties of green tea differ from the wild because they were bred for cultivation in other regions. As with any plant, properties, taste and aroma of green tea can vary depending on the type of soil and water composition in the area of its cultivation.

In Asia green tea, the benefits and harms which are also taken into account, the drink is widely and regularly, but do it not so much because of its healing properties, but simply because it is a tradition that originated in ancient times. However, once the drink has its good and bad qualities, they should know.

How useful green tea

The most important argument the last time in defense of green tea can be called the fact that he is a natural and very good antioxidant, which is known to slow the aging process. In comparison with traditional black tea, green these substances much more.

Some people believe that green tea, like PU-Erh. contributes to weight loss that, to some extent, you are absolutely right. The fact that the hot green tea helps accelerate the decomposition of fat and improves digestion. That is why in the countries of Central Asia, a common tradition, after a fatty pilaf with lamb, be sure to drink several cups of green tea. Due to this property, those who drink green tea as a rule, have low cholesterol.

On the other hand lovers diets should be treated carefully to the reception of this drink. So, for example, it is not advisable to drink green tea on an empty stomach, it can cause irritation.

There are suggestions that drinking green tea is a prophylactic against cancer, cardiovascular, viral diseases, and even Alzheimer’s disease.

To understand why green tea has this effect on the body, it is necessary to know its chemical composition comprising the following substances:

ascorbic acid or vitamin C is a known antioxidant;

catechins, including EGCG – at the moment, this substance is one of the main in search of cancer, human immunodeficiency virus and memory disorders;

carotenoids are necessary for the protection of the nervous system, eyes and skin from UV rays;

Tocopherols necessary to maintain the elasticity of blood vessels and reduce blood clotting, eliminating, thus, the risk of forming a blood clot and cholesterol deposits;

minerals: chromium, manganese, selenium and zinc are essential for healthy skin, hair, bones, etc.;

Contraindications and restrictions apply

It’s no secret that passion for any drinks (coffee, red, etc.) leads to a negative outcome. No exception, and green tea, which, like all soft drinks contain caffeine, stimulating our nervous system. That is why excessive green tea can cause tension and sometimes unpleasant addiction.

Strongly not recommended green tea for diseases of the stomach (ulcer, gastritis). because a large number of acid can cause sharp pain.

You cannot drink green tea while taking various drugs, and even more mixed this drink.

During the holidays, if you plan to consume alcoholic beverages, green tea should be abandoned, because it is a diuretic and in combination with alcohol will have a negative effect on the urine excretory system.

Drink green tea freshly brewed only because constantly for a long period of time the tea begin to form toxic substances.

Green tea in cosmetics

Very often you can see the cosmetics, made with green tea extract and tea tree oil. There is nothing strange, because thanks to tannic substances and minerals, it has a beneficial effect on the skin. Brewed green tea can be used just to perform compresses against acne.

A few cups of brewed green tea can be added while bathing, however, the use of alkaline cosmetic and cleansing products in this case is to refuse.

Finally, we should say that green tea blends well with other natural ingredients such as Apple juice, ginseng, Jasmine, mint, etc. These teas can be brewed for special effects, and just for fun, from exceptional taste.

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