Diet for stomach ulcer

People who are not lucky and they suffer from stomach ulcers, know firsthand that it’s for pain. Nausea, vomiting, heartburn is a constant your condition, gastric ulcer. For what would these signs you left alone, you need to diet for a stomach ulcer.

Food for a stomach ulcer should be frequent, regular and balanced. One of the main points, in ulcer, you should write easy to cook and to chew it as well. This must be done to ensure that would not irritate the gastric mucosa. Because you need to sort your diet, because it is one of the main rules for pain and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

First of all, stop eat too hot food. a temperature above 60°C, but cold food is also not necessary to use. As you will have to eliminate fried, fatty and spicy food. It is forbidden to eat bread and flour products, canned, assorted pickles, sauerkraut. It is not recommended to eat dairy products with high acidity, coffee, cocoa. Vegetables not to eat onions, garlic, radish, horseradish, beans.

In ulcer of the stomach, your best bet is to pay attention to such products that each day will improve your health:

Soups: dairy, cereals, vegetable soups. Soups it is better to fill with butter, cream, egg mixture.

Bread yesterday or dried, dry biscuits, crisps.

Fish, eggs, chicken is boiled or steamed.

Milk and milk products, cream, no-fat cottage cheese. Milk is better to drink in the pure form or added to tea. And cottage cheese you can make tarts or cheesecakes in the oven.

The cheese is fresh, soft and not greasy.

Vegetables should be present in the diet in as boiled potatoes, beets, carrots, cauliflower.

Fruit: soft varieties of apples and pears, the apples are better for baking in the oven, fresh juices from the berries.

From sweetly allowed marmalade, marshmallows, candy, fruit jam, honey and sugar.

Drinks: mineral water, tea, juices from cabbage and potatoes, a decoction of rose hips, tea, blackcurrant and rosehip.

If you stick to this diet for ulcer, then after a few days you will be much easier.

Characterization of food products by the degree of influence on the stomach ( the blades to enlarge )

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