Dark chocolate benefits and bred

Bitter chocolate use

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The good news for the sweet tooth! Chocolate is not only harmless, but also helps improve your mood and health!

Ancient Indians used to grind roasted cocoa beans and mixed

them with water and pepper in order to get a refreshing drink with rich flavor. This was the first bitter chocolate, the benefits and harms of which still remains in question.

Today, we know chocolate is completely different, but it still is incredibly popular.

Aroma and taste of chocolate and beckon children and adults. He, like jewelry, always to the point. And it seems that it does not happen a lot. But what do we know about chocolate? What secrets it hides?

Traditionally, chocolate is produced from cocoa beans that are rich in fats, proteins, carbohydrates, alkaloids, tannins and mineral substances, organic acids, and many others. In addition to cocoa beans (in the form of chocolate liquor and cocoa butter) in chocolate consists of sugar, flavoring and aromatic ingredients. Often in inexpensive varieties of chocolate meet palm or coconut oil, substitute cocoa butter. In milk chocolate is added powdered milk, which gives it a specific taste and aroma. White chocolate is prepared without the use of cocoa powder, which means that does not contain most of the nutrients inherent in bitter chocolate. Diabetic chocolate contains no sugar, it is replaced with sorbitol, xylitol or other sweeteners.

The debate about the benefits and dangers of chocolate seems to be the same old, like himself. Someone thinks its a bad habit, someone – a panacea for all human ills. So who is right? Let us understand!

Chocolate benefits and harms

Opponents of chocolate, as a rule, pay attention to the sweet tooth on such side properties treats: tooth decay, obesity, acne, the possibility of poisoning, addictive

Any sweets (and even dried fruit!) cause tooth decay. And, of course, chocolate is no exception. Caries causing sugar contained in chocolate. But at the same time, cocoa butter contains antiseptic that inhibits the growth of bacteria that form plaque. Chocolate if he protects us from himself! It is therefore less harmful for teeth than, for example, candy or other sweets.

The situation is similar with the notion that chocolate is the culprit of excess weight and obesity. The main sources of calories in chocolate — milk and glucose. It’s carbohydrates that are quickly broken down and are quickly consumed by the body. And excessive intake of course, they form fatty deposits. Nevertheless one tile good chocolate in calories comparable to three bananas.

In addition, dark chocolate contains only low fat dairy products or not contain them at all. As it does not contain high-calorie and sugary toppings. Which means that dark chocolate may be part of a balanced diet. Try to make the perfect fondue recipe from our expert Dmitry Samburova!

Recipe chocolate fondue

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