Dark chocolate

Bitter chocolate: use chocolate for health

Bitter chocolate

The history of chocolate

The Indians believed that the cocoa tree was brought as a gift to the people of God, descended to earth on a beam of the morning star. He taught people to collect, roast, grind the fruit of the cacao tree and prepare a delicious flavored drink. For several centuries, chocolate has experienced a transformation from a bitter drink Indian

tribes became a refined dessert, popular and beloved around the world.

If the taste of dark chocolate was appreciated by the ancient Indian tribes, the modern scientists have conducted serious research and proved of benefit chocolate health.

In cocoa beans contain magnesium, which improves your memory, helps cope with stress, improves the immune system. It is known that dark chocolate stimulates the brain activity of a person. Dark chocolate is a good way to prevent colds.

The usefulness of bitter chocolate

Chocolate should be included in the diet of each person, as a means of preventing cardiovascular disease. In dark chocolate contains biologically active substances from the group of flavonoids, they normalize the functions of platelets, do not let them stick together, prevent the formation of blood clots in the blood vessels of the heart and brain. Experts believe that due to this property bitter chocolate saves from heart attack and stroke.

Tianiny contained in chocolate, have antibacterial properties that prevent the formation of plaque. Dark chocolate is also rich in calcium, phosphorus, fluoride. Calcium is responsible for the formation of bone, phosphorus is essential for our brains, fluoride strengthens teeth. Caffeine is present in chocolate in minimal quantities, so it can’t be the reason for the sharp rise in blood pressure. Hypertensive patients can easily afford 2-3 pieces of chocolate.

Dark chocolate is rich in stearic acid, which cleanses the blood vessels. On the circulatory system are beneficial phenols contained in chocolate treats. Phenols strengthen the circulatory system, protect it, prevent it from narrowing blood vessels. No wonder they say that to eat half tiles chocolate is like drinking a glass of red wine. Chocolate prevents oxidation of cholesterol by phenol. The level of cholesterol in the blood chocolate does not increase as the cocoa butter contains fat of plant origin, there is no so-called “bad” cholesterol.

The darker the chocolate, the more it is the flavonoids. Flavonoids known as a good antioxidants that help to fight aging. Serious studies of the effect of eating chocolate on the human body have shown that dark chocolate can reduce the risk of blood clotting in the heart of almost 50 percent from the chocolate lovers in comparison with people who don’t use chocolate. Regular consumption of dark chocolate can protect against dangerous blood clots.

Medicinal properties of bitter chocolate

Cough and sore throat will pass, if you remove half the tiles of dark chocolate . Do it slowly – piece by piece.

Women have long noticed that the chocolate easier for premenstrual syndrome and relieves pain during menstruation. Chocolate evokes erotic feelings, as the fair sex, and men. Chocolate raises the spirits is a well known fact that does not require scientific evidence.

Always put in your handbag chocolate, so it can be shared. Very easy way to strike up a new acquaintance is to offer a piece of chocolate. To communicate with one – another very useful property of chocolate.

The useful properties of chocolate is really a lot, but consider its high calorie content. 100 grams of dark chocolate contains 500 calories. If you control your weight, then this figure will reduce the intake of main meals, not to gain extra pounds. Please note, all of these useful properties are bitter dark chocolate. Milk chocolate is such a benefit is not.

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