Cocoa (hot chocolate)

Features of preparation and taste

Cocoa, cooked to our own recipe is quite rich and thick. And even very sweet. So if you want to feel rather bitter taste of cocoa powder than captivating thick, chocolate piece of cake, reduce the amount of sugar (up to 2 tbsp and then try whether you like this or need to add).

If you want to enhance chocolate flavor cocoa, add in a Cup when mixing 1-2 tsp of instant coffee. The taste of

chocolate drink will be brighter and tighter. This same role in a sweet milky cocoa salt plays.

Fans of thick chocolate and fatty desserts can replace the milk with cream or add a couple tablespoons of butter (cream, of course, is no substitute, but the flavor and aroma will enrich).

In hot chocolate you can add finely chopped walnuts, hazelnuts or spices: almond, vanilla sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, a dash of chili pepper or ginger (not more than 0.5 tsp per Cup, and then 2, cocoa any of the spices). If you want to experiment with aromatic spices, first smell them — if they like you, in principle, add on the tip of a knife, try, smell… if you — Yes, then pour a little more.

Let’s say you’re at home — and some you have only 1 Cup of milk or less. And to start and cook the chocolate reluctance. What to do?

Pour into a pretty Cup 1 tsp cocoa powder and 2 tsp sugar (+a little bit of salt). Pour a small amount of water, stir well and pour the hot chocolate milk (or cream).

It — the simplest recipe is not very thick, but very tasty cocoa.

The lack or complete absence of cocoa can be replaced with a piece of chocolate (the chocolate bars 2 to 1 Cup milk, approximately. Can thick).

If you have cooked a delicious chocolate milk drink with less sugar and cocoa, and he remained unfinished and already cold, is very appropriate to drop back a little cherry juice. Enriched and taste, and color. Exceptionally tasty.

And from the remnants of cocoa and sour cream (or yogurt) you can make chocolate jelly (recipe ).

Bon appétit!

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