Caffeine tea benefit

Most people start the morning with a Cup of tea, wanting to feel more energetic and to shake off the remnants of sleepy shackles. To aid in this is caffeine.

It is known that the more caffeine contained in tea – the more energetic we feel. However, how to understand what form of tea – black or green more caffeine? Many believe that more is strong black tea. But is it so?

Scientists have studied more than 30 types of tea, and came to the unequivocal conclusion: green tea contains the most caffeine. The most caffeinated was natural teas without aromatic additives. The caffeine

content in the tea bags exceeded 85 mg, while in black tea bags his figure barely reached 70 mg. it Should be noted that these figures relate to the serving of tea, for cooking one Cup of flavored drink, and it weighs about 2 grams.

After a thorough study of the five types of tea: black, black with lemon, green, green with Jasmine and black with bergamot, it was found that most of the caffeine was in regular green tea (no added flavors) – 85 mg in 1 serving of tea. Less caffeine contained in black tea with lemon (40 mg).

This study is very important for moms who mistakenly believe that green tea is more mild and it can be given in unlimited quantities to young children. Also, remember that children under 2 years drinks containing caffeine.

What tea caffeine different from coffee caffeine and how it affects the human body?

Substance caffeine is found in many plants, but in large numbers concentrated in the coffee beans and dried tea leaves. However, the caffeine in tea is tightly linked with tannin, why the action of the tea is milder than effects of coffee. In addition, tea does not lead to dependence, which is often the case with coffee.

Drinks containing caffeine should not be used by patients suffering from hypertension, and people with vascular disease or atherosclerosis. Also green tea is better to limit those who suffer from diseases of the stomach: ulcers or gastritis, because caffeine increases the acidity in the stomach.

For healthy adults safe single dose of caffeine is 200 mg. the Maximum allowable daily dose of caffeine and 1000 mg (or 1 gram).

For many enthusiasts and tea connoisseurs will be interesting is the fact that in Britain there is a plantation for the cultivation of tea bushes. Of course, this tea is not used in the industrial scale, however, to get a decent harvest with high taste qualities the Brits still manage.

What is traditional drink mate? From the vessel, which is called the Calabash. It has other names: Calabash, the Calabash. For the manufacture of such containers Indians used wood Calabash.

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