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What is a tea drink?

Tea drink – this can be a tea in combination with any additives (herbs, bits of berries and fruits) or just a mixture of flowers, herbs, berries or fruit without tea leaves. To tea drinks include such popular types as hibiscus . mate . fruit teas . herbal teas . royboy (Rooibos, Rooibos) .

Varieties of tea drinks

Fruit teas . Fruit tea can contain pieces of fruit or berries, zest or slices of citrus peel. Fruit tea contains many vitamins. For example, tea drink from the berries of wild rose contains a lot of vitamin C and is an excellent General tonic for colds. Often fruit teas with raspberries . lemon . cranberries or cranberries and other natural supplements.

Herbal tea drink. Sometimes this kind of tea drink called herbal tea. Selection of herbal teas great: drinks are single herbs or composition of different grasses. Herbal tea can be useful for a variety of purposes, for example, as a sedative and relaxing remedy for colds or coughs (for example, breast fees), for diuretic or choleretic effect and much more. Very popular nice relaxing tea beverages of chamomile . mint and lemon balm . thyme and other herbs.

Floral tea drink . Tea from flowers and leaves can have a specific taste, but they have a lot of fans. Fragrant aroma and delicate taste captivates, relaxes and inspires. For flower tea using rose petals . violets . Jasmine . hibiscus . osmanthus . chrysanthemums . lilies and other flowers. Also in the tea drink can be added currant leaves . and strawberries . raspberries . BlackBerry . cherry . Apple trees and other berry and fruit bushes and trees. They give a floral tea with more flavor and rich taste.

The most popular types of tea drinks

Hibiscus (hibiscus) – this is a tea drink made of hibiscus flowers (Sudanese rose), is a kind of flower tea. He has a bright red or Burgundy color of the infusion and a sweet and sour taste. Not all at once like the taste of hibiscus, but there are many fans of the drink. Hibiscus tea like in Egypt and other Arab countries, is an Egyptian national drink, so it is sometimes called “the drink of the pharaohs”. It quenches thirst in the heat, it increases the immunity and physical endurance, relieves nervous tension and spasms. However, hibiscus and increases the acidity of the stomach, so it is not recommended for people with gastritis and gastric ulcer.

Mate (mate) – this is a tea drink from shoots and leaves of tropical plants of Holly piraguismo. Mate popular in South America, especially in Argentina. It contains a large number of vitamins and minerals. Mate has a tart taste, it is rich in caffeine. Mate is a great way to cope with a bad mood, insomnia and anxiety, perfectly invigorates gently improves skin tone. The high content of antioxidants in tea mate helps to get rid of aching pain in the muscles and promotes weight loss.

Rooibos (Rooibos, Rooibos) – this is a tea drink that is made from the leaves and branches of the shrub of the legume family with the same name, which grows in Africa. Rooibos – this is a traditional African drink. It has a slightly sweet taste due to the presence of glucose in the composition. Its main feature is that Rooibos does not contain caffeine, so it can be drunk before bedtime, and drinking for children and people with high blood pressure. The Rooibos a lot of antioxidants, it has a rejuvenating, relaxing and restorative effect. In Africa, the Rooibos allow young children to relieve colic and insomnia. Like other tea drinks, he still has a lot of advantages and helps to cure many health problems.

How to brew tea drinks

Tea beverages, like tea, are loose to brew kettle or tea bags to brew directly into the mug. Than more delicate and softer tea drink, the less time it need to insist. Floral teas and teas from tender leaves better brew 3 – 5 minutes, herbal teas – 5-7 minutes, and teas from the grosser parts of plants – about 10 minutes (for example, Rooibos).

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