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Familiar and familiar in appearance black tea, according to Chinese classification, recognized worldwide, is considered red. According to Chinese artists, this category of tea is not enough fermented, although the degree of fermentation of black tea is considered full. The major producers of black tea are India and Sri Lanka, but in China there are some famous varieties, which in many respects not inferior to the leaders. In General, the appearance in the world of this category of tea that we owe to great Britain. During the colonization of India, many Englishmen were fond of cultivation of tea and had some success. Due to the fact that the UK was

the largest Maritime power and owned the fastest of the fleet, the British sailors were not too difficult to smuggle precious cargo home where subsequently with this wonderful drink met all of Europe. In India there are two main regions where cultivation and production of the most famous varieties: plain province Assam in the North-East of the country and highland plantation of Darjeeling tea which is called “descended from heaven”. Tea is grown in Sri Lanka is still called Ceylon. A huge impact on the cultivation of tea on the island had all the same British – they brought the first tea bushes. Among Chinese red tea varieties can be identified “Dian Hong” and “Golden Down” from the province of Yunnan and Keemun from Anhui province.

EFFECT ON THE BODY. Black tea is considered the world’s second most popular drink, is ahead of him only water. According to nutritionists, black tea has a positive effect on the human body. It is pleasant, moderately strong, taste and aroma to relax and have a tonic effect on the nervous system, improve health, and it also has a unique ability for a few minutes to reduce, or completely remove the headache. Moreover, some people call black tea is a regulator of metabolism, as this tea is good for the human digestive system and helps food quickly assimilated in the body.

This positive property of tea is due, primarily, to the fact that black tea contains a large variety of chemicals that have a beneficial effect on the human body. In combination with milk black tea is good for the urinary tract and kidneys. It should be noted that the use of strong black tea can be harmful to the body due to the high concentrations in it in the first place, caffeine. Also the adverse effect of black tea renders, if you eat it in large quantities, especially before bedtime. But, despite this, black tea is a wonderful beverage that relieves fatigue and stress after a hard day’s work.

For welding it is best to use soft water treated. Now this is easy, since the market appeared a lot of different water purifiers. And in stores a wide range of drinking water. Boil the water in the enamel kettle. Do not wait until the boiling water will make the cover of “dancing”. Enough water has just boiled. While the water is boiling, pour the desired amount of tea in a heated and rinsed with boiling water porcelain, earthenware, or even better ceramic kettle. Experts recommend to brew tea directly in a large kettle and pour it into the Cup. Maximum norm — 1 teaspoon per Cup of boiling water (1G in 100ml). The brewing process should take about 5-7 minutes, tightly covered kettle with a lid and covered the top with a cloth, which passes the vapour, but retains essential oil that gives the tea flavor. To appreciate the taste of tea can be, if slowly and slowly, enjoying every SIP, drink it, of porcelain or China cups for 15 minutes after brewing. Remember: fresh tea is like a balm.

There is one very important rule that is not recommended to violate strongly fermented teas (black Indian and Ceylon tea, Chinese red tea) brewed only ONCE, as repeated attempts brewing beginning to evolve enzymes that are harmful to the human body.

In most cases, the word “flavor” only causes distrust and doubt in the quality of goods, complemented by this epithet. In imagination there are pictures of the chemical laboratory, where, under the clouds of steam something is born, identical to natural. There is no denying that in recent years, particularly in the food industry, thanks to new scientific technologies are artificial substances that are indistinguishable from the real product appearance, taste and aroma. BUT THE PRODUCTION OF TEA AND BLENDS ON ITS BASIS, A SIMILAR METHOD OF INTRODUCING FRAGRANCE HAS A DISTANT RELATIONSHIP.

In Ancient China it was observed a unique feature of the tea leaves very quickly absorb the flavors. Based on this, it was created the first tea with floral notes – the famous tea with Jasmine. It was believed that the scent of flowers expands the palette of the classic taste of traditional green tea gives the drink a unique charm.

Natural way of aromatization is based on the fact that tea is a wonderful absorbent. Enough to place next to the tea raw material freshly picked flowers and within a few hours of their delicate flavor will be fully transferred to tea, without adding petals and blossoms of plants for a future drink. For example, there is a method of making tea natural aroma as the so-called “tea flower cake”. Its main principle is that in the special mesh pallets tea alternating with flowers on the similarity of the pyramid. After some time, when the tea is “satisfied” floral aroma, trays with flowers removed, but the next drink already will have soft, but lasting fragrance. Under this scheme in China produce such famous varieties as “Milk Oolong”, “Lapsang Souchong” and many others deserved to become your favorite kinds of tea for the many fans of this drink.

Don’t be afraid of flavored teas, feel free to try and enjoy a delicate taste and multifaceted aroma of your favorite beverage.

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