Bitter water. Chocolate.

We tend to think that real chocolate is a big sweet tiles divided into squares. But originally it was the drink is very fragrant and bitter

It’s called chocolatl – and also: “bitter water”. And it took centuries before the chocolate has ceased to be so, before there was cocktails based on it. Chocolate shakes can be hot and cold, alcoholic and non-alcoholic, low calorie and sports. The simplest basis for making hot drinks – milk, cocoa, grated chocolate and egg yolks. So, for a cocktail of chocolate and tea you need to mix with sugar (150 g) 3 egg yolks, dissolved in 200 ml of warm milk 30 g chocolate and pour 30 ml of hot strong tea, combine both mixtures and put in a water bath, stirring until foaming. The combination of tea and chocolate, unexpected and piquant, good complement one of the spices that usually accompany a “chocolatl”, for example vanilla.

Interesting option – chocolate cocktail with wine. Mix 1 yolk with a Cup of cocoa made with milk and 2 glasses of red wine – with a pinch of cinnamon and 50 ml of rum or brandy. Combine all and beat them. It’s amazing how a variety of alcoholic drinks which harmonize perfectly with the chocolate, and from this Union wine, Martini, brandy, and rum, and chocolate and coffee liqueurs only win.

Gala cocktail of chocolate and champagne speciality Jamie Oliver. Famous London chef likes to improvise, turning every meal into a colorful show. This time he puts in a clear glass layers a bit pitted cherries, a spoonful of heavy cream, a spoonful of chocolate ice cream, a couple of peeled orange slices, a spoonful of cream, a few spoons of ice cream and a tablespoon of crushed chocolate – then pours champagne or wine.

But beer with chocolate only need to mix a dark, preferably “Guinness”. To make chocolate beer cocktail, pour in a glass of dark beer, a little chocolate syrup and put a couple of balls of chocolate ice cream, and on top add a little more beer – so as to form a foam, then the drink will look particularly impressive.

In Mexican bars offer intoxicating blend of hot chocolate with tequila – “Kiss of angel”. It is served with a slice of lemon, and drink it takes till it is hot then, as they say, will discover the hidden meaning in this title.

Chocolate would be appropriate even in the most useful and “harmless” drinks, in which not a single gram of alcohol. Fans of dairy products you can recommend kefir smoothie: put in a Cup of yogurt a couple of tablespoons of cocoa powder and a pinch of sugar, whisk the mixture with a mixer and sprinkle with grated chocolate. As adherents to a raw food diet and vegetarianism – chocolate, almond or coconut milk. When cooking fruit smoothies chocolate made to add to the strawberry mix and mix with cherry syrup – it is believed that these combinations are the most delicious. But peerless chocolate-banana smoothie is so nutritious that it is able to replace a Breakfast or lunch, so before you book it, assess your capabilities and the power of love to chocolate.

Of course, every day you are unlikely to cook for Breakfast chocolate cocktails – sweet, spicy or flavorful, but sometimes you can give yourself a chocolate treat. Brewing coffee, add a small pinch of cocoa, as do the Mexicans. And a little bit of cinnamon, cloves or vanilla. This coffee-chocolate mix creates one of the most exquisite flavors that help to Wake up.

Hot Sokoban . 4 servings

What you need:

100 g milk chocolate,

200 ml of milk with a fat content of 6%,

1 bottle of fortified wine,

1 stick cinnamon,

2 clove buds,

5 grains allspice.

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