All about classic sbiten and hot chocolate

Sbiten and hot chocolate: their history and beneficial properties

Non-alcoholic hot drinks prepared at home are different.

Last time we talked about alcoholic drinks punch and Mead, and today we will talk about the unique popular soft drinks!

Vintage drink with honey and spices is a delicious and

healthy drink.

And classic hot chocolate, which definitely has slices of melted chocolate, vanilla, and sugar.

The history of Mead

According to the Chronicles, the drink was invented by Slavic tribes in 1130. Drinking it can be not only hot but also cold, so how to drink sbiten you decide. In the past sbiten replaced people tea, so drinking it is basically just hot and even sold at fairs and in taverns.

Useful properties

The composition of sbiten is a lot of useful herbs (St. John’s wort, ginger, sage, Bay leaf and bitter peppers) and honey. Therefore, the drink carries anti-inflammatory and immunomodulating properties. Will be useful after surgery, during treatment of various injuries. Thanks honey sbiten and improves skin tone. Recommended for use by diabetics (in small amounts), in the treatment of anemia, constipation, and cardiovascular ailments.


Can’t drink to people who are allergic to honey or spices that are included with the Mead. There is still a high calorie drink, so if you are “sitting” on kefir, or any other, then the sample is brought down while it is necessary to postpone.

The recipe for sbiten

Naturally, many recipes, so we will focus on classical. Take the following components:

filtered water (5 l);

500 grams of honey;

700 grams white molasses;

Spices 5 grams (hops, color lime, clove, mint, cinnamon).

The procedure of preparation

Bring water to a boil and weld all of the ingredients, then boil them for half an hour. Sbiten is ready, drink a hot drink like tea.

Hot chocolate: history, properties, and recipes

The history of this drink is quite interesting. The first “smart enough” to drink chocolate tropical natives. Everything is logical – cocoa beans grow on their territory. Fascinating, how they did it! Drink was allowed only men of the tribe, because it contained alcohol, but also in the composition consisted of chili pepper and other spices. Hence the word “chocolatl” or “bitter water”. By the way, they drank it cold!

Well, the Europeans came to drink, quite different. They prefer thick hot chocolate with sugar. By the way, so it is not thick, it is necessary in the composition to include the milk. It is worth noting that the Russians have made their own “flavor” to this drink. They instead of cocoa to heat up the chocolate and add different spices (vanilla, cinnamon, cloves).

Useful properties

After drinking hot chocolate, you give your body iron, magnesium, calcium and vitamins. Scientists have proven that liquid chocolate contains more nutrients than our usual chocolate. Even doctors recommend a hot drink for the prevention of cancer and heart disease. You can still add that thick hot chocolate elevates mood, improves memory and outputs from depression.


Not recommended for diabetics, people suffering from obesity. Some causes allergies. Well, do not get this drink, as with excessive consumption spoils the teeth.

How to make hot chocolate

Again recipes – sea, we will tell, as usual, about the classic. To make the drink you will need:

milk (400 ml);

sugar (2 teaspoons);

chocolate (40 grams), preferably dark or bitter;

whipped cream (2 tablespoons);

vanillin (tip of the spoon).

The procedure of preparation

Take a pan and rinse it with cold water, pour the milk and begin to heat. Add the vanilla sugar and stir until the milk begins to boil. Turn off the fire, chocolate smash into slices and throw in the milk, stir until the chocolate is melted. Here is the hot chocolate ready!

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